Corrie N. | Fashion Shoot

Hey! Corrie here. 🙂 I’m Yev’s wife and his assistant. If you do a photoshoot with us, you’ll often see me assisting Yev with his gear, holding the reflector, directing and assisting with posing, etc. I also do a lot of the back end work on our website and I’m our blog writer. This really frees Yev up to do what he’s amazingly good at — photography!

But while Yev might be seriously into photography (film & digital), I have hobbies too! One of those hobbies is sewing and I often ‘pattern test’ for different sewing pattern companies. When I do, I need pro photos for the pattern company to use in their pattern listing … and who better to take those photos than my hubby!

Over the past couple of years, Yev has done several photoshoots for me … this one happens to be one of my favorites!

Yev and I are both creative in our own ways and I love that we can work together to capture beautiful photos for others as well as our own family!

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