Yev Nosov | Photographer

Hey, I'm Yev.

I usually have an accordion strapped to my chest or a camera in my hand. Sometimes both! Photography is fascinating to me because it is art, but it is also very technical. I enjoy scoping out the perfect shot and bringing a different point of view to my photos. I enjoy shooting both digital and film. When I shoot film, I develop it at home and then digitize it.

It's all the little details that make a photo pop ... that make it different. It's not the camera that takes great photos -- it's the photographer.

Hi, I'm Corrie.

I'm married to an amazing photographer. I should know ... I get targeted for photos more than anyone else (except maybe our year-old daughter). I love Yev's passion for photography and his attention to detail. He is always searching for the best ways to take high-quality photos.

Oh yeah ... what do I do here? I'm the assistant. So often, I'll be the one out with Yev on his photo shoots holding the reflector and helping with anything he needs. I also do graphic and web design, as well as handling our social media.